Shifting Perspective:

            Creating A Self-Care Toolbox

Experience techniques of Mindfulness, Meditation, Imagery and Play to find Inner Wisdom, Joy and Peace in your daily life.  Join in this unique opportunity to network, build community, and learn during a 4-week, 4 session educational workshop

lead by Mary Beth White, board-certified Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse,

Transpersonal Coach & Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner

Taking Responsibility

Learning Inner Skills

   Developing Self-Awareness

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Advanced Groups for prior Graduates meet once/ month

For more information:

contact Mary Beth White, NP, AHN-BC

at 631-338-0324

or via email


Individual Sessions are also available for Transpersonal Coaching.  
And, consider a session of

The Journey Within - CranioSacral followed by Transpersonal Imagery ** - this is a powerful combination!!


Transpersonal means beyond the personality. It refers to the innate creative and spiritual resources we all have.


I recently participated in a workshop entitled Shifting Perspectives. I found this workshop to be most helpful because it gave me useful tools that I could use to deal with my depression. I have suffered with depression for many years and have tried using medications, diet, and exercise to help relieve my symptoms but it is a constant struggle. In Shifting Perspectives I learned to be more mindful of my depression which, believe it or not, helped to relieve my anxieties caused by the depression. In particular, I learned a meditative tool where you close your eyes and acknowledge your feelings by naming them rather than fighting them. I found this technique to be extremely simple, but very useful.  So now whenever I need to calm myself  and slow down my thoughts I will close my eyes and use this meditative tool.  KR, Northport, NY

Shifting Perspective was extremely moving for me. I was very nervous before coming to the first session and had no idea what to expect. Your energy and empathy the first time I met you drove me to come. I would definitely recommend this to any woman. I think it's something that you can't really explain until you try it for yourself. Shifting Perspective was an experience that has added to who I am, and I will make sure to keep in contact and do my best to not let this fly away from me as a memory, because I'd hate to let something so significant and important pass me.   KG, Huntington, NY

Mary Beth brings skill, compassion and deep personal understanding to her Transpersonal Coaching practice.  This work cultivates serenity and a connection with inner wisdom -  healing qualities for daily life.  Bonney Gulino Schaub, RN, MS, Director of Transpersonal Coach Training  

If you are feeling the need for healing, renewed confidence and empowerment, I strongly recommend that you join one of Mary Beth's groups.  They combine self-care skills, new self-discoveries and support led by a solid, safe and highly knowledgeable professional.  Richard Schaub, PhD, Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center

**Mary Beth has been a gift to me. I came to her stressed, exhausted, and drained. I'm a skeptic and didn't have high hopes, but from the second session I could feel myself changing. It's Mary Beth's unique combination of therapies that I find so powerful. CranioSacral is deeply relaxing and experiencing the Guided Imagery work immediately following has allowed me to let go and follow where my psyche takes me. The world around me hasn't changed, but I'm handling my stress better, generally feel calmer and more relaxed, and am sleeping better. NC, Northport, NY

**I came to Mary Beth hoping that a CranioSacral session would provide me with comfort and relief.  I got that along with an unexpected, huge surprise.  When Mary Beth combined a guided visualization into the session, I was already in a deep enough state to access something sacred within, something I had never had direct access to before.  I was able to let go of some old and deep wounding from the past and KNOW that I now had greater choice to live a future I long for.  Thank you, Mary Beth, for helping this happen- it was not something I could do on my own. Elizabeth Sudler, LCSW