Soma is Greek for body, thus one might think of SER as working with the body's psyche. SER is a therapeutic process that facilitates the expression of emotion, which up to this point, had been retained or suppressed in the body.

The storage of old traumas and memories occurs as a protective mechanism by the person's non-conscious and may only be released when and if a person's conscious awareness feels safe and ready to let go of them. At the time of an injury, which may be physical or emotional, these body memories 'lock in' and become stored in pockets of tension, pain, or dis-ease.

The release techniques are very gentle and are never forced. SER may occur during the placement of the practitioner's hands and intent on part of the body where 'holding' is sensed or when the client moves into positions which activate the memory. Through the use of imagery and therapeutic dialogue, the practitioner may assist the client to speak with their body to gain greater understanding of their 'unfinished business'.

Sometimes the release occurs a day or two after the session and can be like having an AHA! moment when the light bulb goes on and clarity and meaning surface. Ultimately, these insights increase self-awareness as well as free the body to move more naturally.