Transpersonal means beyond the personality. It refers to the innate creative and spiritual resources we all have.

Transpersonal Nurse Coaching is a life-affirming process.  Using the tools of traditional coaching, meditation and imagery, and energy practices, the client is gently guided inward to gain deeper awareness of his/her Life Purpose while awakening the qualities of Inner Peace, Inner Wisdom and Oneness. 

Board-certified Nurse Coaches are Registered Nurses who have achieved recognition by the American Nurses Association in their specialization and have successfully demonstrated competency on a national level for their Standards of Practice.  These professional qualities are regularly monitored. 

Finding one's core essence, connecting to what really matters, & experiencing the truth inside...

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Come work with me.  As a nurse coach, I act to facilitate your intuitive knowing, assist you to clarify health goals, manage chronic symptoms, deal more effectively with stress, and optimize your whole person wellness.  

For more information, you can email me at or call 631-338-0324

Halloween 2000

Halloween 2000