WellCairn refers to the healing of internalized cairns. Cairns are mounds of stones traditionally used to mark space of journeys and passings. In our bodies, mostly below conscious awareness, we hold onto memories and traumas, our 'unfinished business', which affects our health. They manifest in areas of tension and pain. CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release provides an opportunity to shine a light on these internalized cairns, thus allowing the ability to restore the natural balance and flow. 

WellCairn services include CST and SER, along with guidance and coaching in Meditation and Imagery.  These are provided individually or in small groups in Huntington and East Northport.  The Journey Within refers to a powerful combination of CranioSacral followed by Transpersonal Imagery while the client is still on the massage table. Call 631-338-0324 or email marybethnp@gmail.com for an appointment. 

WellCairn also sponsors Wellness SalonsWellness Salons are small home gatherings focused around topics pertinent to enhancing Wellness with the intent to educate, network and create community. 

The Journey Across - An Exploration is WellCairn's newest venture.  Join us – a group of Brave Souls - as we create a safe space in which to explore the many facets of our mortality, conscious that we are Spirit beings embodied on this beautiful planet for only so long.  While the topics may be challenging, we approach them with curiosity and wonder about choices we can make to ease (yet not speed up!) the transition.  We aim to look Death in the face while embracing Life and Living Fully!