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"Health is not only to be well, but to use well every power we have."  Florence Nightingale, 1893


Wellness Salons are held in a small home setting, providing the opportunity to learn about wonderful resources to assist one on the path to Optimal Wellness.  For more information and if you would like to be on the mailing list, email Mary Beth at


November 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 2019- Remembering Who You Are and Maximizing Your Potential - an experiential weekend workshop with Dr. Maria Michael, PhD.- indigenous healer/ seer/ medical and psychological intuitive

Upcoming Salon:

Spring, 2020- Tea and Honey with Beekeeper JoBee- JoBee is a NYC-based British Urban Beekeeper

Prior Salons

August, 2019- 5th Annual Mary Day and Celebration of the Divine Feminine

June, 2019- Herbs, Dowsing & Radionics: Healing Techniques for the Coming Time - with Dr. Ellen Kamhi, RN, AHG, AHN-BC, PhD, the Natural Nurse

April, 2019- Meet Dr. Maria - Dr. Maria Michael, PhD followed by Ancient Wisdom Healing: From Spirits with Love.

August, 2018- 4th Annual Mary Day and Celebration of the Divine Feminine - celebrated individually

April, 2018 - Spring into Health- An All-Day Women's Herbal Retreat -with Jennifer Gebhard, Adult and Holistic NP, RH of Nexus Point and Mary Beth White, NP, APHN-BC, NC-BC

August, 2017 - 3rd Annual Mary Day and Celebration of the Divine Feminine

July, 2017 5th Anniversary Party!

June, 2017- Meditation and Ikebana Workshop -  with Toyoko Yasui, RN, MSN, OCN, AHN-BC

May, 2017- The Wisdom of the Dream - with Liza Johnson, LMFT

March, 2017- Medical Cannabis - - with Ellen Dermody, RN, MSN, OCN, NC-BC

February, 2017 - Building Bridges for a Brighter Future- Refugee Crises with Arielle Stein and Ilana Yaari

December, 2016- Language of Mastery with Emily Eisen, MS of Brainworks Plus And, HOLIDAY GIFT SALE with Local Artists

November, 2016- Green Living- with Beth Fiteni, Green Living Consultant, Environmental Lawyer and owner of Green Inside and Out Consulting

October, 2016- Five Simple Steps to Healing Self Hatred and Anxiety Around Your Food and Body- with Sara Romeo-White, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

August, 2016- 2nd Annual Mary Day and Celebration of the Divine Feminine

July, 2016- Integrative Elder Care -with Zoe Moffitt, BSN, HNB-BC, NC-BC, MFA

June, 2016- MOVIE NIGHT and 4th Anniversary Celebration

April, 2016 -Shamanic Breathwork -  with Rev. Annie Mark

March, 2016- Spa Castle - Pathway to Health and Healing- with Dr. Ric Statler, DC

February, 2016- "Have you Hygged Yourself Lately?" -with Edina Segal

January, 2016- Field Trip to Spa Castle, College Point, NY

January, 2016 - Divine Dining - with Catherine Russo Epstein, Graduate Gemologist, Reiki Master and Transformational Life Coach

December 2015 The Arvigo Techniques - Graciela Goldental, LMT

November, 2015 - Art as a Path to Healing- with Robyn Bellospirito, Artist, Performer

October, 2015- Love Those Girls! Breast Health- with Laura Weinberg, President, and Lisa Levine, MSN, RN, Vice President, Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition

September, 2015- Harmonic Immersion - Gong Healing- with Michelle Angel.

July, 2015 - The Hungry Ghosts of Addiction and Cultivating Resiliency -with Elizabeth Sudler of the Sag Harbor Resiliency Project.

June, 2015- Natural Guide to Great Sex- At ANY AGE - with Dr. Ellen Kamhi, RN, AHG, AHN-BC, PhD, the Natural Nurse

May, 2015- For The Journey Across- a field trip to the Greenwood Heights Cemetery and Greenwood Funeral Home/ Crematory tour/ lecture with Amy Cunningham of The Inspired Funeral

April 2015Health Issues as a Doorway for Healing Trauma: Changing Your Destiny- Dr.Irene Seigel, PhD., Integrative EMDR Psychotherapist

March, 2015 - Mushroom Cultivation Workshop - with MycoCulture Design- Marisol Maddox and John Michelotti

Jan, 2015 - The Power of Positivity! - Peggy Rakas, MSE

Nov, 2014 - Tranpersonal Development - Bonney Gulino Schaub, M.S., APRN-BC, C.S, co-director of the Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center

Sept, 2014 - Aruyveda - Jill Talve,  Aruyvedic Health Practitioner

June, 2014 - Healing Eating Disorders with Sara Romeo-White, author of Binge My Story, and another survivor/ thriver.

May, 2014 - The Vagina Dialogues - Mary Beth White, NP Women's Healthand Celeste Carlin, LCSW, Holistic Psychotherapist

April, 2014 - The Journey Across- An Exploration - The Final Footprint: Shifting the American Way of Death to a Sustainable Future - Amy Cunningham

March, 2014 - Moving Energy: Reiki & Tai Chi - Kristen Orsini, Certified Ageless Grace® Educator/ Reiki Master with Dawn Peer & Roger Sencer, LMSW

Feb, 2014 - Expressive Art, Imagery and Meditation with Teens- Viki Gulino, MS, MA, CRC, CASAC, MHC Art Therapist/ Mental Health Counselor

Jan, 2014 - No Wellness Salon: Instead, the LAUNCH OF THE JOURNEY ACROSS- AN EXPLORATION -   Liza Johnson, LMFT - The Caregiver's Journey as a Rite of Passage to Wisdom

Nov, 2013 - Kitchen Medicinals - Jennifer Gebhard, NP, AHN-BC, Holistic/Adult Nurse Practitioner & Herbalist

Oct, 2013 - Health Care Proxy - Presenters: Mary Beth White, NP & Arlene Trolman, RN, PhD, nurse psychotherapist

May, 2013 - No Wellness Salon: Instead, see STRAW BALE GARDENING workshops with Lorna Donaldson  

April 2013 Yes! Chickens on Long Island - Jennifer Murray of Jen's Hens/ Turtleback Farm

March, 2013 on Brain Gym -Emily Eisen   

November 2012: Sexual Health for Women as We Age - Presenters: Mary Beth White, NP, Tina Greenbaum, CSW & Charmaine Quijano, RPT, PhD  (a 'women only' event)

October 2012:  Financial Health: Kick Butt and Kick Back into Retirement - Joseph McHale, VP of  PFS S.E.A.L. Team

September 2012: Sustainable Farming on Long Island - Regina Dlogukencky of Seed Sower Farm

August 2012: Healing and Flow-  Elyce Neuhauser; Nick Patel - Kangen Water

July 2012: Intuitive Healing - Beth Moran, NP of Integrated Wellness; The Body Works - Mary Beth White, NP & Jennifer Gebhard, NP

June 2012: The Energy of Healing - Irene Siegel, CSW, PhD of CenterPoint; The Energy of Food - Okima Wilcox of Live Island Cafe